About Us & Team

Arabizer has a solid vision of helping companies grow at an international scale by providing professional translation and localization services. All our team members have the needed expertise to do that.


Who We Are:

Arabizer is a prominent service provider in the field of translation, proofreading, editing, DTP, voiceover, subtitling, localization and many other language-related solutions. With more than 20 years of work experience, we offer unique services to meet our customers’ needs and expectations at competitive rates using state-of-art translation tools. Our main objective is to develop and sustain great company-customer relationships.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to share our knowledge, integrity, expertise, and innovative spirit to deliver top-quality outcomes allowing our customers to connect globally, using the language their audiences understand. We offer our clients a full selection of top-notch language solutions to help them succeed and develop their business, while guaranteeing them an extraordinary customer service record that surpasses all anticipations.


Why Arabizer?

High-quality translations are vital to business success. That is why we are operating with a network of more than 200 highly professional and skilled language experts and specialists worldwide, around the clock to professionally handle your multi-lingual projects, and provide the best and fastest service at the best price. With us, you can be sure your files are private and protected from unauthorized access as all of our professionals have signed strict confidentiality agreements. We have a thorough system of quality checks in place for each task to guarantee excellence to our clients.

Our Team