Interpretation & Voice Over Services

Our talented interpreters will help you avoid the inconvenience happening during conferences and events. Also, our voice-over talents can speak formal and informal tones.

Conference Translation

At Arabizer, we have established an impeccable one-stop full suite of services to fulfill all your language-related requirements and needs when organizing a conference. We offer everything you demand to make your comprehensive conferences and meetings productive, effective, and efficacious across languages. We will appoint a manager to analyze your needs and work with your conference planning manager to guarantee that your conference runs efficiently and achieves its objectives, and provide Interpretation services, document translation for conference materials and audio transcription for meetings, lectures, and discussions. Our services are not limited to the event of the conference itself. It also extends to cover all the services needed before and after the event. We offer translation for all the documents required for the organization including summaries, lists, name tags, flyers, brochures, banners etc… We also provide all the printed advertising material pens, notebooks, etc… At the closure of the conference, we continue with you to transcribe, translate, edit, typeset, and print all the events in the format of your choice. We have the ultimate integrated solution for all your requirements.

Interpretation Services

At Arabizer, we comprehend the firm standards necessary to provide precise onsite interpretations, and follow strict principles of confidentiality and quality. We help you successfully interconnect, and have a solution for requirements from one-to-one conversations to huge meetings. Organizations of all types, including government establishments, medical and educational institutions, companies, law firms, non-profits, etc. can make the most of our cost-effective and dependable solution, and our promise to meet all your needs in interpretation services.
We offer the following interpretation services that our expert translators are specialized in each of them:

1. Simultaneous Interpretation: We provide our simultaneous interpretation services for large conferences or meetings to ensure multilingual audiences and speakers are capable to communicate excellently across two or more languages, where our trained interpreters sit in a closed booth, listen to the speakers using a headset, and translate their words precisely at speed, to be delivered to the audience through headsets in their own language in real time.

2. Consecutive Interpretation: When you organize a seminar, a lecture, a training course, a presentation, or a small meeting, including one-to-one discussions, you can rely on our tactful and tailored consecutive interpretation services that allow you to manage your business smoothly and proficiently. Our consecutive interpreters are chosen for their language skills to provide the perfect combination of professionalism and cordiality.

3. Whispered Interpretation: When the majority of your audience can understand the source language and a very small group (no more than three people) do not speak it, we provide you with our whispered interpretation services. Our interpreter will sit or stand next to this small group of audience whilst whispering a simultaneous interpretation of the matter to hand without disturbing the other participants.

4. Phone Interpretation: We have the flexibility to provide reliable high-quality telephone interpretation services which are becoming a practical option for real-time multi-lingual communications. With us you will be confident to have a productive and successful multilingual meeting over the phone through the highest standards of professionalism.
Sight Translation: Sight translation is a faster way of translating and a combination of both translation and interpretation. It is the interpretation of written documents where the interpreter reads and comprehends in the source language, and simultaneously translates into the target language. We can offer you these services upon request.

Voice Over and Recording

At Arabizer, we are the firm that cohorts best with your project. Our duty is to find the accurate vocal sound to correspond with your project requirements. We deliver carefully-crafted recordings for any objective and produce fascinating performances in any accent for all sorts of projects. Our voice over actors can undertake any project including from presentations, documentaries, video games, audiobooks, and phone systems.


t Arabizer, we offer professional subtitling services to help you reach new audience and allow viewers of other nationalities understand and follow your video. It is also a great instrument for search engine optimization. Our subtitling services include:

  • Video, broadcast, television, film and documentary subtitling services
  • Promotion and advertising subtitles
  • Online learning, training, education, and tutorials subtitles
  • YouTube, social media and website subtitles
  • Product description

Our services include transcribing the video in its original language, adding precise time stamps to the transcription, translating and localizing the content to the target language taking special care of slang, vocal sounds, grunts, swearing, fillers and repetitions, revising vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, and embedding the subtitles in the video file according to the client requirements.