Translation & Localization Services

Our team can translate different types of documents. We can work with legal, financial, technical, medical documents, and many other content types.

Translation Service

At Arabizer, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality translation services. In order to provide fast and accurate document translation, we understand that you need a tailored solution with an individual approach, and we carefully choose all our translators to ensure you get the best translation services. Our translators are native speakers of your target language with outstanding language skills; they are experts in their fields, and dedicated to maintain our high-quality standards.
We prioritize quality at every stage of the process. We promise that all our translation is human translation that carries out all the processes involved in the translation of written documents. Our translation capture the spirit and meaning of the original text using the right tone and style suitable for the target reader of the translated text, and take into account the grammar, idioms, conventions and most of all, the context of the original language.

As our area of expertise covers many subjects including, but not limited to, post-editing machine translation, legal, technical, marketing, financial, medical, and e-commerce documents, in addition to websites and videos, we couple our skills, experience and in-depth knowledge of your particular business area with the required tasks, to guarantee sector-specific linguistic proficiency is applied to each and every document translation that we create.

Machine Translations Post-Editing (MTPE)

At Arabizer, we believe a skilled professional translator cannot be replaced by machine translation, but we also believe that it wouldn’t be cost-effective to translate particularly large volumes of documents, especially when there time is limited and machine translation may be one solution for this task. However, the quality of unprocessed machine translation varies, and is determined by the volume and value of the data loaded into the translation engine and the frequency of its use.

Because of the countless variations, machine translations are not able yet, and probably never will be, to apply the precise translation in every case, and here where we can help. Our duty is to assist you to obtain an extremely trustworthy translation output when employing machine translation by providing the indispensable human post-editing, especially when quality expectation for the translation is high.

Our expert post-editor team, which is particularly competent to post-edit machine-generated translations, will use their expert in automated and machine translation to edit and improve the text to be correct, expressive, of quality, and natural, adding the valuable human touch. In addition, they will supply you with that indispensible data to add it to your translation memory to develop the efficiency and accuracy of the machine translation output for future projects.

Localization Services

At Arabizer, we understand the significance of providing the services or products to the internet users in their native tongue, and that the localized product information is as essential as the price as it reduces any misunderstandings and misrepresentation. Localization, coupled with excellent translations, makes all the difference to your product presentation. Localization has become an important component when translating a product- generally a website, a digital platform, marketing brochures, and product information leaflets- for foreign audiences. To adapt your product entirely to a new region for the consumption of its local community, it should appear as if it was initially generated in the target language, and for the target culture, as if it was made specifically for your particular costumers.
When providing our localization services, we take into account emotional and cultural factors, regional humor, ironies, and customs, along with legal and linguistic demands to effectively deliver your brand message & successfully adopt it to the market. Our services are provided by our professional localization team to accurately adapt to the legal, cultural, and formatting needs of the region, and provide localized products that your new audience not only understands, but also values. With our team you will far surpass simple translation and take your business global.

Desktop Publishing, Typesetting, and Printing (DTP)

At Arabizer, we are aware that imagery is a very important tool for human perception. Inquiries in this field demonstrate that the majority of visual information gets more attention than textual content. That is why we offer our specialized desktop publishing solutions to complement the visual elements of written translation.
With us, you can profit from our graphic design specialists and desktop publishing experts to provide you with prompt and high-quality services at the best prices. Books, brochures, and user manuals that have their own visual design requirements will be transferred into the digital setting, organized for all visual processes, such as preparing pages for translation, dimensioning images, charts and other of graphics, and preparing translations in the same format in the target language, and then your completed translations will be ready for printing and performs final visual checks.

We provide all your translations in their original format whether you need them in printed or digital form, because we know when you operate in the international marketplace, it is significant to produce your content in the same format in all languages. We also offer our desktop publishing independently of our translation solutions where you our talented designers take your text, images, charts and other graphics and create contemporary brochures, leaflets, adverts, product manuals and more. You can profit too from our full service with our professional printing services for printed documents.

Transcription Service

At Arabizer, we provide leading quality, 100% human transcription services that will fulfill your needs no matter what type of business you run. You can benefit from our services in transcribing academic research and articles, dissertations, interviews, journalists’ reports, forums, seminars, webinars, speeches, meetings, teleconferences and important telephone conversations, dictations, and script correspondence. Whenever you are you have significant audio information or need to review a conversation later, our transcription services ensure that you won’t overlook any meaningful elements of the recorded audio.
You can also benefit from our high-quality transcription services in transcribing your videos, as videos by themselves don’t count in terms of SEO. Spoken words inside your video or audio file don’t make sense to a web crawler so you will need to add searchable content to your site. As transcriptions can be crawled and indexed, publishing a transcript for videos can boost your SEO, and get ranked higher on search engines. In addition, you will strengthen the content of your podcast by permitting listeners to follow along and improve your rankings considerably.
Our team of qualified transcriptionists is ready to precisely convert your audio to text as soon as you submit your order. To guarantee high accuracy every time, no matter how complicated the recording is, we carefully select all our transcribers to ensure they can understand the author’s intended meaning, decode unclear speech, and are well-versed in grammar and punctuation.